A Dissertation Literature Review Breaking Down

Literature Review- People who have just been introduced into the world of academia may feel excited, but many do not know what daunting challenges lie in front of them. These people, whether they are undergraduate students or master-level students will undoubtedly have to one day come to terms with the fact that they need to write a dissertation review sample. Dissertation writing is not easy either, but do not fear, that is why we are here! The Dissertation Writers is here to present you with a guide to writing a top tier literature review. This guide is written by one of our most UK professional dissertation writers who has been working in this field for many years.

After reading this guide, you will know exactly what the basics of a literature review are as well as how to tackle it effectively and how to make it successful to write a lit review for a dissertation. So, buckle up, and get ready for the cheap online essay help you did not know you needed!

What Is A Literature Review?

In terms of a dissertation itself, the literature review is just apart of it that makes up the entire dissertation. So if you are writing a dissertation then you will undoubtedly have to write a literature review too. However, do not think it is not an important part of your dissertation, it is absolutely integral to the overall success. So, now that you know how important it is, what is it? It is basically a summary of all the relevant research already done into the field you are researching. It is advised that in the literature review you demonstrate wide reading capability and try and fit in as many sources as you can. Albeit, those which are relevant to what your dissertations aims to answer.

But do not think that it is a simple summary of what already exists.There would be no point in doing that, instead, your dissertation review sample should aim to provide the reader with an understanding of where the current research done in this field stands in this day and age. Do not simply just mention the opinions of authors, instead, you should describe their bodies of literature, provide various standpoints on current issues that plague your field as well as indicate which general opinions and assumptions are being challenged. However, do not simply just restate what those works say, you have to provide a critique of them and it must be a critique of highly authoritative sources.

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Remember to always use works which are highly cited, weak literature provides no value. Your literature review will also be essential in providing a background to your own dissertation writing. It will also help others understand where in the field your dissertation will fit into.

What Should Your Literature Review Include?

Your literature review should never include long paragraphs simply summarising others’ dissertations. That would provide no value at all. Instead, you need to make your review extremely comprehensive. To do this, mention as many relevant sources from the authors with the highest authority and then analyze all the major themes of those sources. Also worth mentioning is that, by relevancy, we mean that the literature must be from the field your dissertation is from too.

Since your aim will be to give a current understanding of the field as it stands today. You should not simply contrast their work to what you aim to do, but also to each other’s work too. Relate them to each other as well so that you can describe what the major arguments are as well.

The Length of the Review

Generally, making the literature review take up a quarter of your dissertation is advised. However, this can vary as well. There are other factors that play a part in determining the length of the review too. Such as the overall structure of your dissertation as well as the wider amount of literature available to you.

It is worthwhile asking yourself these questions, is this suitable to what I am researching? Can it be useful? And, is it even useful to what I am currently writing about?

In the end, it all depends on you, we do advise that if current literature is not suitable to what you are focusing on, then it could prove to be helpful to switch your research questions to something current literature addresses.

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