Practical Solutions for Writing a Dissertation Introduction Chapter with Perfection

Your dissertation introduction should make an impressive good first impression to your adviser and the committee members. It is as essential compared with any other parts of the dissertation. A good dissertation introduction chapter should have the following characteristics:

  • It should grab the reader’s interest into further reading your entire dissertation.
  • It should explicitly inform the reader what the whole point of the dissertation is.
  • It should inculcate the significance of the dissertation right away.
  • It should inform the evaluators why the dissertation is an original work.
  • It should also serve as an overview of the entire study.

The good dissertation introduction can be written in a straightforward manner or in a creative way but always make sure to approach it objectively. To make the introduction more effective, make a preliminary or a tentative introduction. The rough introduction will definitely need changes as soon as the dissertation progresses.

Dissertation Introduction Writing Tips

There are a few tips to follow and avoid in order to write an appealing introduction chapter:

  • It should comprise at most 10% to 15% of the entire paper. For example, if your paper is 300 page-long, the introduction chapter should be around 30 to 45 pages.
  • Make sure you have finalised your conclusion before finalising the introduction chapter. That is why it is advisable to continue revising your introduction as the dissertation progresses.
  • Avoid generalities in the introduction chapter. The credibility of the entire paper will surely be affected.
  • Do not start this chapter by defining something out of the dictionary.
  • Although it is advisable to inform readers what you cannot do on the study, do not highlight them. Instead, highlight the strengths of your research rather than the weaknesses.
  • Some people suggest that this chapter should be written lastly. However, writing it as the last part has two main consequences; it can either be full of erroneous details, or it may not logically connect to the entire paper.

Introduction chapter lays the groundwork on which the dissertation is founded. Careful consideration and enough time should be given in writing this chapter.

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