Privacy Policy

The Dissertation Writers value its customers. Therefore, the privacy policy aims to maintain the privacy and security of the clients from the initial phase. We are a home to thousands of students in the entire world. We always want to serve our customers with the greatest experience, that’s why to eliminate all the misunderstandings we have designed privacy policy. We suggest you to please read and understand all the features of the policy explained below.

Personal Information

The Dissertation Writers requests personal information of all the clients which involves name, phone number, email address, driving license and country of residence. The information requested is utilised for the following purposes

  • We use your personal information to create your Personal Account on the page. It enables you to interact and place orders with easiness. Similarly, it is beneficial for our company to track your orders and record the preferences of the customer.
  • To modify and alter our website as we value your feedback and appreciate your suggestions. You can comment and advise us regarding how our service can work more correctly for you.
  • We don’t want to distress you by asking your personal information again and again. Once you get signed in, we save your information in our system to fast-track the future transactions.
  • The information requested is used to interact with the clients. If we have your information, we can contact you quickly in emergency situations. Moreover, we can keep you up-to-date with our latest and upcoming discounts and offers that are exclusively designed for you.

Your information is safe and confidential with The Dissertation Writers’ premises.

Cookies Utilization

Cookies refer to the small text pieces that transfer from The Dissertation Writers’ computers to the clients’ computers. They are placed in the computer’s hard drive only if you allow to do this action. The reason behind storing cookie files is that we can monitor and track customer’s activities on our web pages and receive supplementary information, for instance, type of connected device or type of browser. All in all, these cookies help us to get valuable information that benefits us to serve our clients better. Note: If you don’t want us to avail this, you can restrict cookies from web browsers.

Password Security

Once you sign in with Personal Account Panel, The Dissertation Writers also maintains a good privacy of your password. We advise you to get logged-out instantly after completing your tasks on the webpage. Remember, we will never ask for your password via fake calls or emails. For any damage or loss, the company is not responsible.

High-level Confidentiality

Our primary goal is to maintain the privacy of our customers and by no means do we share your personal information with third party or organisation. Information is only given to the staff that are authorised with the aim of processing orders. However, in some notable cases, we do have to reveal your personal information (with reference to law), but that is only for enhancing service’s policies and protecting the company’s rights. The company reserves a right to disclose non-personal information for marketing purposes or organising surveys.

Age Limit

Our privacy policy also outlines age limit. We work according to the COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) standards. COPPA defines that our service is not permitted to offer and sell service to individuals less than 13 years old. You are not obliged to submit or use any of our services. Additionally, individuals older than 18 years of age should sign the agreement with us under the eye of their guardian or parents.

By using our online help, clients automatically accept the rules and policies concerning this website.

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