Valuable Dissertation Abstract Help to Write This Small but Significant Part Impressively

Writing a dissertation abstract very carefully is of high importance since this small section helps the readers grasp the overview of your dissertation. Here, we will help you how to write an abstract for a dissertation without missing any details compactly. We have broken down the different parts of the abstract so that you can write sum up different sections easily.

The Opening Statement

It usually begins with phrases like “This paper examines…” or “This study discusses…”. Such phrases will help your adviser to get to the exact point of your paper. Avoid weak statements like “This research tries to examine…” It connotes uncertainty.

The Methodology

Once the main topic has been stated, discuss the methodology briefly with one to two sentences.

The Results

The last part should be devoted to discussing the results of the experiments and the conclusions reached after the data analysis from experiments.

After the rough draft has been initially done, make sure to check the word count and see if any additional information can be added or excess details needed to be taken out.

Dissertation Abstract Writing Tips

Writing the abstract is not really an easy task. We recommend the following tips to serve as a guide in writing the abstract.

  • Although the abstract is the last part to be written, it is still always advisable to start the work early. A common mistake done by students is to submit ineffective dissertation abstract by writing down it a night before the deadline. This can be easily pointed out by the examiners.
  • Keep it short and simple. Avoid beating around the bush by using direct phrases. Remember that word count is an essential factor in writing a good dissertation abstract.
  • Do not use abstract ideas. Avoid ambiguous words, statements and sentences. Always be explicit.
  • Do not rephrase the title of your paper in the abstract. The title page and the abstract are always read hand in hand. The information would be repetitive.
  • We do not recommend the use of first person pronouns like “I” or “we” since this would provide an objective view to the readers by distancing yourself away from the study.

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