Best Tips to Help You Write A Literature Review!

These days, when students, be they at undergraduate or master’s level of study, always ask for one thing when they ask for online cheap dissertation help UK. That one thing is to help in writing a literature review. A literature review can seem like a very daunting task at the start because those new to it do not know anything about it. What is the structure like? How long should it be? What is it even about?

Well if you found yourself in a situation like that then do not worry, we are here for you! This guide is particularly written for those who are struggling greatly with these things and some extremely useful tips that they will be able to use to ace the literature review!

Ask the Right Questions

One mistake that beginners always make is that they just jump into the literature review and start writing it. But how can they do that before they even decide the questions that their dissertation will be analyzed? Experienced dissertation writers never waste time like this. Pro tip: Always formulate the right questions that your dissertation will be asking and form your literature review accordingly!

Expand Your Horizons

Never narrow your horizons. By this we mean that when you are researching and considering sources for your dissertation then you should always have a broad look on the matter. Consider a wide variety of sources, a great thing to do is to read their abstracts in order to get a good idea of what they are about and their relevance to what you are writing about. You can use a wide variety of online resources. You can even request a online dissertation writing service in UK to provide you a sample literature review to model yours after.

Do not Bog yourself Down with Descriptions

Never ever do this. A common mistake that beginners make is that they spend a vast majority of their time just writing descriptions about the sources they are using for their literature review. Not only does it waste your time, it also has no significance in the literature review as well. What is of more importance is to analyse and contrast the relevant portions of other sources to what your own research. This is much more valuable than providing descriptions.

The Major Themes

Thematic analysis is a major component of the literature review. If you do not bother to analyse in great length the key themes, evaluate them and compare them to what you have been researching then your literature review will have lost its purpose. Always do this.

Be Extremely Critical

Be it about every single thing. Not a word should exist in the literature review that you are writing which has not be scrutinised and explained in great detail. You should always challenge what people have previously written and provide reasons for your reactions to their findings. A critical approach is key in writing a proper literature review!

Always Ensure Validity

Validity is a major issue that has plagued students who write literature reviews for many years. However, the best dissertation writers do not face this issue because they know exactly what sources they will be consulting. However, if you are new to writing a literature review, you should always check if your sources are still valid. Sometimes, texts from hundreds of years ago can maintain their authority in a field of study whereas new ones can be completely useless.

Categorisation of your Review

A useful method to present your facts and findings is by breaking up the review into different categories. Such as classes of for and against. The usefulness of categories can never be understated. They provide a good way to provide a structure based on the relevance of what your dissertation is asking.

The Provenance of the Source

This is something that students should normally consider on their own but it is useful to mention it for those new to this. You should always check how authoritative the source you are using is in this matter. A good and easy way to check this is how highly they are cited. Those cited less can be very weak sources or have no general relevance to the question that you are asking. This why you should always do this before using a particular source.