How to Form the Introduction, Conclusion and Abstract of Your Dissertation

One of the major problems graduate level students face is that they do not know how to format and structure their dissertation writing. This issue is one that is found inherently in many students because they are simply never taught it in school. Of course, why would they be? Not many people are going to go ahead and write a master’s level dissertation. we will try to provide perfect online dissertation help through this article.

For those who are however, this article aims to serve as a guide to them for writing a good dissertation. So that when they are stuck and do not know what to do, they can easily refer to our article and see how to properly construct a dissertation.

Most people do not realise one thing about dissertations, they are not your everyday essay. Dissertation writers often learn for years the special traits and features that make up a dissertation which can produce top quality work.

The Introduction

Starting off with the introduction, there are four main key features that are unique to the introduction. Always start with the background information of your dissertation. This is absolutely essential so that the reader knows exactly what the dissertation aims to address and provide research on. Imagine reading something with no context, it would not make sense nor be of interest to you. Apart from that, the introduction should also be used to address why there is a need for your research. Here you can mention a source you will be using and perhaps even point out how your dissertation defers and contributes to the field. The aims and objectives should also necessarily be written and clarified from the get go.

Generally, the introduction should not be a major part of your dissertation. Ideally it should take up on a small 5 percent of the entire paper. Make sure to create headings and subheadings inside your dissertation too.

The Conclusion

As the conclusion is the last part of your dissertation. You will most likely be feeling one of two feelings. Either there will be pure euphoria that this long and exhausting paper is finally coming to an end. That, or it will further drain your brain and you will simply feel like calling it in. however, it is your job to make sure that the dissertation is carried on through till the end, imagine if the person reading your paper sees a disorganised and unstructured conclusion. They would simply stop reading and take away that the author gave up on their own paper. That is why a proper conclusion is important

A conclusion comprises of three points, at least. The objectives of your research, this will give the reader a summary of the entire paper as well as give them the results of your research. The recommendation is also extremely important, this section will tell the reader about other studies which are pertaining to the issue you are addressing. This is extremely important because not only can it give the reader further insight into the topic, it will make your dissertation more holistic and shine in the eyes of the reader.

The last part of the conclusion is a section dedicated to how your research furthered existing knowledge. This is normally only for students who are writing a dissertation for their PhD. Master’s students are generally not required to add this section but checking with your supervisor would not be a bad idea.


While this is normally written the last, it is one of the first few sections in your dissertation. The purpose of the abstract is to give a synopsis to the reader and serve as a hook to the reel them in. It is extremely influential in the success of a dissertation and that is why it should be given much thought.

In the abstract, make sure to include why you are doing the research, why there is a need for it. What methods you used to conduct your research and what the findings of your research even were. If done correctly, an abstract can make a person read an entire dissertation even if they have no interest in the topic originally. Always focus on the abstract, do not take it lightly just because it is the last section.

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