Avoid these 10 blunders in your dissertation writing

Writing a dissertation is a complicated task that needs some time and research. without effective research and study, one can never write a good dissertation. There is another issue that needs to be addressed. A number of students have stated in a survey that they do not know why their marks have been deducted. This statement points to an important issue that the students need to know what mistakes they should avoid for getting remarkable grades. We have done research on a number of dissertations written by students and got rejected by professors. All these dissertations have some common mistakes. These mistakes are made in almost every failed dissertation paper and they were the reason for rejection. Those mistakes should be avoided by students. Therefore, this article will focus on those mistakes and how to avoid them.


The writing of a dissertation is much more difficult than writing an essay at the graduate and undergraduate levels. It is not easy to collect all the relevant information and write a meaningful dissertation on the topic selected by you. It is crucial to write the dissertation with sufficient research and study about the topic. Without enough amount of knowledge, one cannot submit a well-researched dissertation before the deadline. Moreover, trivial research cannot satisfy the requirements of the dissertation. Therefore, enough time should be assigned to the research work.


What is the most important thing to do while selecting the area on which you want to write? well, you should consider the interest of the readers along with your own interest in the topic. If the topic is boring and uninteresting, then it will jeopardize the dissertation. There are two ways in which it can jeopardize the dissertation. The first one is that your lack of interest in the topic will lead you to conduct poor research about the topic. The second one is that the dissertation will fail to engage the readers. Therefore, consider interest as your primary driver during the selection of the topic.


Balance is the principal consideration of nature. In the absence of balance, all things will fall apart. In a similar manner, the dissertation needs to be balanced. All the chapters of the dissertation should be of equal length. Moreover, you should maintain quality in every part of the dissertation. Every chapter should be of high quality and be able to meet the needs of the topic. Therefore, it is your duty as a writer to satisfy the needs of the quality in your dissertation by keeping a healthy balance.

Late start

Some students do not understand the topic and start too late. This late start is the main reason for not being able to complete the dissertation with high quality. You should make multiple drafts of your dissertation to satisfy the requirements of the dissertation. If you have already started too late and you do not know what to do know, then hire dissertation writing services. These online dissertation writing services help those students who have started their dissertation late.

Early start

A good dissertation writer should start the dissertation writing at the right time. Starting too early is as dangerous for the quality of the dissertation as starting too late. If a person starts writing the dissertation too early, then there is a high chance that he or she will jeopardize the quality of the dissertation. Moreover, the writer will not have enough amount of information about the topic to write. Therefore, always makes sure that you start the writing of the dissertation on time.


You should discuss only relevant theories and information in your dissertation. Irrelevant theories and information can threaten the quality of your dissertation. In addition, you will lose your grasp over the topic if you include irrelevant details in the dissertation.


One of the salient features of a good dissertation is the coherency of the dissertation. You should try to consider coherency in your dissertation. One can do that by writing a well-structured and well-organized dissertation. You should maintain a logical progression of different ideas and theories in your dissertation.

Lack of professionalism

While writing the dissertation, you should keep a professional attitude. It means you should write and cite everything in a proper and professional manner. A nonprofessional attitude can affect the credibility of the dissertation. Therefore, you should consider professionalism in writing your dissertation.


Almost all of the universities are using various kinds of plagiarism tools to identify the plagiarised content in the text. It is a moral responsibility of a student to avoid presenting someone else’s work as his/her own work. However, sometimes errors in citation or referencing can lead to a high percentage of plagiarism. Contact our dissertation writing service to know more about plagiarism and how to avoid it.


Students, especially those who do not speak English as their first language, face the challenge of expressing themselves. Sentences that are unclear to the readers should be avoided as it enhances confusion. Moreover, these sentences may distract the audience from the actual topic of the dissertation. Additionally, sentence structure should be good. Online dissertation writing services avoid such errors to write a good thesis.

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