Some Common Errors we do in the literature review

No background

The literature review is based on some relevant background information but many students forget to add the pre-literature review. Background information on your topic is an important part of the literature review. A literature review is the most essential part of the dissertation and if the literature background is not proper, it makes your audience confused. Try to explain the concept of the topic with relevant definitions but do not provide too many definitions, just give a few authentic and common definitions of the relevant topic. 

Bad structure and Organisation

This is maybe the most well-known blunder since seriously sorting out a writing audit requires doctoral understudies to revise and rebuild numerous parts. To keep a terrible structure from entering your literature review always use sub-headings and after that sort out your writing audits under every one of these sub-headings. Doing this will enable you to keep up the spotlight on the subtleties while keeping the center around the master plan and the general chain of rationale characteristic in your review. This will enable you to avoid irrational structures and bad organizations.

Irrelevant Content

Most of the time we don’t understand the requirements and we put irrelevant content in the literature review. This problem mainly occurs with doctoral students because they get trapped in the details of the literature review. And sometimes students put a point that is not related to the whole content so, always make sure that your work is always relevant to your topic and also your literature review must contain fully relevant content. Always research your topic carefully because it’s not important the study information is always matched your requirements.

The section of the reviewed article is not going overtly the methodology

Most student is just focused on dissertations, and certain aspects of the articles like the abstract, result, and discussion selection but they don’t know the value of the methodology section. Methodology research is the way of your conduct research and learns from other articles’ methodology. It may be the most troublesome part of any Ph.D. dissertation. Gain from others. On the off chance that you disregard this guidance, you will dawdle in light of the fact that you will definitely need to include these subtleties later.

If you want to write a good dissertation, you just focused on these cases. Always keep in connection with your dissertation consultant because a dissertation opens many success doors for you.