How to write Methodology in Dissertation

The methodology is the most difficult part of the dissertation so,you should be well aware of the methodology content. The methodology consists of data collection techniques, presentation,guideline approach, philosophical approach and ethical consideration to analyse the data. You can use your university library to get information about the methods of the analysis.

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Designing and Strategies of the methodology

The design of the methodology consists of the answers of the author questions which are based on the evidence and arguments of your dissertation. The researcher used many methods to justify the procedure which includes the interview, literature review and more.

Philosophically approach   

In this approach,you must choose philosophically support for your research. This factor depends on your study that how much it is complex and subjective. Then describes the question like, where, why,what and how. For example, the researcher already has some selected methods as used for quantitative and qualitative or sometimes both mix methods.

Ethical Consideration

It is very important to take full concern that how your work influences others. The writer should proofread his all work before submitting it. Their study should be unique, well-structured and based on all facts and figures. The context not based on the harmful aspects of the society, the content must base on relevant and authentic information.

Data Collection Method

This is the key point to write the best methodology for the dissertation. In this aspect, you should explain how you collect your data for the methodology.You cannot use only words but you should also use some specific terminology which is supported by the scholar communities.

The data Analysis

At this point,you should explain and discuss the tools that you used in the data analysis. For instance, that what software you use in your methodology and the software should be justified. In this part,you explain the track that you used in finding the resource. Your ideal result must be related to the research questions of your work.


The conclusion is the most important part of the dissertation and when you write methodology, you should sum up all the characteristics of your work. To achieve the best conclusion you should collect the data with an only authentic and reliable source and if you got stuck on some point ask your teacher. But if you want additional help so you can contact TheDissertationWriters. We provide the best dissertation help in any part of dissertation.