Guidelines for writing a Dissertation Literature Review

As a research writer, you are expected to provide the best analytical overview of the

Significant literature on your topic. In the dissertation, the value of the literature review is to explore and discuss the main published material in your topic of dissertation. The literature review contains a summary which is focused on specific topics that’s includes the critical analysis of the different frame works and it related to the research work. 

The content of the literature review

The content of the literature review must be well organised and well-structured and the flow of your content must be based on logic from one point to the next point. References citation must be current and relevant according to your sequence. Always provide an overview of the subject and theory under consideration. Connect your work with your current idea and also provide the conclusions about those work that makes the great impact on your subject.

In order to cross-reference of the chapter or information in the dissertation, it is important to the sections of dissertations using a large number of headings and sub-headings. In the literature review section, you can see an example of how to structure individual chapters using numbered sub-headings so, you can easily apply the same kind of structure to the others chapters of the dissertation.

 At last, write a conclusion for the end of their view, the conclusion must be clear that how the material in the body of review has supported the proposition presented in the introduction and in the end the review in the dissertation presents original research and the research questions must be addressed on it.

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