A brief tutorial of SPSS

SPSS is the creation of IBM and its stand for the Statistical Package for a Social Science. SPSS is the simple and effective software for analysing the input data and this data just comes from our imagination of any source like customer management database, dissertation research, in-house marketing research and the server log data of the website. It is also available in many file formats which are related to Microsoft Excel, plain text files or SQL databases.

Silent Features of SPSS

There are some silent features of SPSS that how its work. So we have quick overview of what SPSS can actually do and how its deal with a different projects.

Generate tables and charts: You can create the tables and the charts that contains on the statistics summary and other numerical stats over many variables.

Open data files: You can do your work on the SPSS file formatting and other formats.

Run inferential statistics: you can also conduct the analysis of variance (ANOVA) factor Analysis, regression analysis and more.

Edit data: you can edit your data and make numerical calculation by compute the averages and also you can view your tables and data by rows and columns.

Save output and data:

You can do this in an extensive range of formats.

Generate tables and charts on SPSS

You can create tables and charts in the SPSS. Though, once you downside intrinsic in SPSS is that a created tables and charts mostly look bad and it contains a clumsy layout and structure. But this problem is not so massive you can solve it by developing actually and certain SPSS templates.

Open data files

SPSS has its own file format, but it can be used in the combination with the other formatting files like Microsoft excel sheets,database format, simple text files and more.

Run inferential statistics in SPSS

In SPSS you also have a multitude of statistical tests such as chi-square, ANOVA, t-test and etc. And you have multivariate analysis features for a cluster analysis,regression analysis, and a factor analysis.

Edit data

In the world of research you collect raw data for the dissertation then you need editing when you properly analyse your work by using SPSS functions like numeric functions,date, string and many more.

Guidance for Dissertation SPSS

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