17 Questions You Should Ask To Professional Dissertation Writing Services FAQs – Part 2

Let’s continue reading more FAQs students ask at our dissertation writing services. You can read older other FAQs by clicking here.

9: In how much time does the writer start working after I have placed my order?

As soon as you place your order at our dissertation writing services and your payment is confirmed, a writer relevant to your subject is assigned within a few hours to start working on your paper.

10: How will I know that you have received my payment?

It is so easy to get notified about the payment confirmation. You will be sent a sale receipt at your email address when you have made your payment. This receipt is the proof of your payment confirmation and it also means that a writer will be assigned within a few hours.

11. What are the prices of your dissertation writing services?

We have set the best possible prices according to the industry standard and quality of our work. The prices have been set in according to the number of pages and urgency of delivery.

12. What are the payment options?

Our payment system is very simple and has multiple options, which help our customers to choose a convenient system to process the payment. We have the following payment options:

  • All Major Credit Cards
  • PayPal

13: Will I have ownership of my ordered paper?

Unquestionably, you have absolute ownership of every paper ordered at our dissertation writing services. In fact, you do not need to even ask this question and worry about it since you pay for the work, so you possess ownership rights from the beginning of the writing process.

14. How long will it take to deliver my paper?

As you have seen, we have based our dissertation writing service prices on the number of days. So, you get your paper within the number of days you select.

15. In what format, I will receive my paper?

You will receive your paper in MS-Word file zipped in a folder which will be an attachment to the email.

16. Why should I trust you that it is safe to make an online payment at your dissertation writing services?

We guarantee that it is safe to pay for our online dissertation writing services. We employ the latest encrypted servers to obtain your personal and credit card information. The encrypted servers keep your details secure and nobody can steal it.

17: Can you add references from my particularly requested resource in my paper?

Without any doubt, you can ask for any particular source of information to include in your paper. We highly appreciate it since it helps our expert finance dissertation writers to stay more focused on your particular topic.

These are the questions students ask at our dissertation writing services. If you have a question that has not been answered here, please contact our support services and they will happily answer you.