Why Citation Is Important in Academic Writings?

Students have to go fulfill many requirements throughout the academic period. They are provided with many tasks which include writing, quizzes, physical and mental activities. Managing all of them at the same time is not an easy task. It demands to show some commitment to these activities as they can vary your grades throughout the semester and can affect your GPA until the end of the program. These activities normally include writing activities, such as essay writing, assignment writing, and dissertation writing. Providing citations in the writing gives many benefits to the writer. It is mandatory to provide the citation in the dissertation to avoid plagiarism in the entire document. However, many firms are offering professional dissertation writing services to the students for the best understanding of the topics and to avoid plagiarism in the dissertation writing.

In every academic writing, it is essential to provide relevant and reliable informational data based on the literature and authentic researches. This information from the previous researches supports the selected topic of the dissertation. You cannot just provide your own point of view using your own ideas and writing. However, you need to collect the relevant information and to rephrase the same while providing the citation at the same time. 

What Is a Citation?

A citation consists of the name of, the author and the year of publication of the paper. The citation tells the reader that the provided information in the writing is taken from the specific source and is not an idea of the writer. It helps the reader to easily find the source using the provided information in the citation. It is essential to provide a set of parentheses or else it can result in plagiarism. A citation should include the following;

  • Name of the author
  • Year of paper publication
  • Date of the publication
  • The page number of the informational material

Why Should I Cite Sources?

There are certain objectives of providing the citations. Let’s see some of the aims of providing the citations in the dissertation writing;

  • The citation gives the credit to the real author from which the information has been gathered.
  • The citation helps the reader to find and approach the right source of the information easily.
  • It makes the writing more reliable and authentic and increases the credibility of the work.
  • It is the only way that helps to avoid plagiarism in the dissertation.

When Do I Need to Cite?

  • You should provide citations when you want to use the ideas, thoughts, and, writings of another author in your document.
  • When you quote a certain direction.
  • It is essential to provide citations while paraphrasing the information of the other author.
  • While reusing the thought or the idea that has always been provided.

What Happens If You Don’t Cite the Sources?

Using the information from some other source and not providing the citation lead to result in a big amount of plagiarism. If you use the information from other sources and don’t provide the citation, it will show as your own idea and results in plagiarism.

What Are the Benefits of Citation?

There are many benefits associated with providing the citation. Let’s see the assistance of using the citation in your writing.

Support Your Idea

One of the core objectives of citation is to support your idea and the selected topic of your dissertation. It gathers enough evidence that gives a reason for your topic to be effective and useful. It further helps the reader to find the right source of the information cited in the dissertation.

Plagiarism-Free Results

Plagiarism occurs in the dissertation when you copy the idea and the writing from another source and don’t provide the citation. It shows the idea of your own. However, there are certain ways and procedures that are must be followed to avoid plagiarism in the writing. One of the ways is to provide the citation while using the information from another source. Before providing the citation it is important to rephrase the information before you want to use information in your dissertation. It is important to make sure that you don’t hurt the real meaning of the information. Therefore, it is considered the most complex part of the dissertation. Wrong and extra words can lead to lower the quality and meaning of the information.    

Increase Credibility

Providing the citation in the dissertation helps you to increase the authenticity and credibility of the writing while maintaining the standards at the same time. It is essential to check the credibility before submitting the dissertation to the teachers. These writing activities can dramatically change your grades throughout the semester. Therefore, make sure that you have completed the dissertation following the right procedures while meeting the standards of the custom dissertation writing.