How to overcome writer’s block while dissertation writing

Before we start to tell you how to overcome the dreaded writer’s block that so many writers suffer from every day, it is important for us to define this term that not all of our readers would be familiar with.

Writer’s block is a condition that, in most cases, is associated with the practice of writing. When a writer suffers from writer’s block, they lose the ability to produce new work, or they experience a blockage of creative thinking and are unable to conjure up new ideas.

The severity of the condition of writer’s block ranges from problems in thinking of new and original ideas to being unable to write anything new for years. This condition has been thoroughly documented throughout history, as many famous writers have fallen prey to this condition. Professional dissertation writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and songwriters such as Adele have suffered from this terrible condition and it has been well-documented.

The above-mentioned writers were suffering from writer’s block, but there are many non-famous writers who suffer from this condition every day. An average student doing dissertation writing could be suffering from this condition, as they are unable to come up with new ideas or topics to write their dissertation on. Or they cannot figure out what to write for a particular topic!

For this reason, we have considered writing this blog post as students do not have much help in regard to the psychological issue of writer’s block. The famous writers mentioned above might be able to get access to the top therapists in their countries but where should a student engaged in dissertation writing turn to?
So read on if you wish to find out more about how to overcome writer’s block!

Brainstorm ideas!

If you are waiting for a brilliant idea to strike you like a bolt of lightning then you are fresh out of luck. Great ideas rarely work this way as most great ideas are the product of countless hours spent behind locked doors to brainstorm ideas. Writing down all of your ideas and creating a mind map is an effective way to structure your ideas and figure out exactly what you need to write and where. If your paper is one that involves research, and it will be if you are dissertation writing, then you should try to find sources with ideas that are similar to your topic. Also, try to find sources that disagree with your points so that you can think better about what needs to be written.

Start from what you know!

Nobody said that you need to start from the beginning of a paper if you want to write. You are allowed to start from the beginning, middle, or end of a paper. All that matters is that you are comfortable writing about a particular part and can start from there. For example, if you write the middle part of your dissertation first then you will be able to connect it from the middle to the introduction and the conclusion. Remember not to limit yourself to just writing the introduction at the start as there are more possibilities.

Make sure you have a good topic!

A few writer’s blocks can be attributed to the lack of interest of a student in the topic they have been assigned. If you are one of the lucky few students who have the option to choose their own topic for your dissertation abstract then make sure that it is something you are interested in and are motivated to write about. If you are a student who does not have the choice to pick their own topic, then you should definitely try talking to your professor or supervisor and see how much you can change the topic to your advantage. You might be able to make the topic a little bit of your own and actually become interested in writing about it. But if you are not allowed to do this as well, then it might be smart to get some advice on what the topic is actually asking of you as it can be quite confusing to write about a complicated topic.

Try to understand your dissertation!

Read the instructions that your professor or supervisors have given you and keep reading them until you have a concrete understanding of dissertation writing for your chosen topic. Reading the instructions many times could also give ideas for questions to ask your professor. Try to understand as much as you can before you go to your teacher by reading relevant material so that you do not end up wasting their time on dumb questions.

So the above were just a few of our tips for you to overcome your writer’s block and start dissertation writing as soon as possible! If you need any more help in writing dissertations, then visit The Dissertation Writers for affordable discounts and premium content