3 tips for writing a good dissertation?

One of the most important parts of dissertation writing is the part where you are stating the intents and purposes of your dissertation – this is called the thesis statement of your dissertation.

The purpose of your thesis is to convey to the reader the topic of your dissertation. This will either convince them to keep reading your dissertation or will make the rest of your writing irrelevant. The thesis statement is supposed to keep the interest of the reader intact in your topic so that they are convinced to keep reading your work.

But the thesis statement is not just something useful for the reader. It is also extremely useful for the writer of the dissertation. As a writer, you can use your thesis statement to remind yourself of the focus of your paper. When you are writing more than 10,000 words for one subject, then you might just forget what the focus of your paper is so you should keep referring to your thesis statement, which will act as a guide for you.

Therefore we, at The Dissertation Writers, thought it would be best for us to write about a series of tips on how to write a good thesis for your dissertation writing.

1. Mention your thesis statement at the start of your dissertation

Your thesis statement should be in the introductory paragraph of your dissertation. But where in the introductory paragraph should the thesis be located? This usually depends on the preference of the writer themselves. Some writers prefer to fit their thesis into the middle of their introduction, while others might prefer to put it in the last few lines. You might even be inclined to put your thesis at the very start of your introductory paragraph. This will tell the reader exactly what the focus of your paper is, and they will decide in those first few seconds whether the paper is interesting to them or not. This will also allow you to mention the purpose and intention of your dissertation right off the bat.

2. Be confident!

The point of a thesis statement is that you need to be able to state something that is not commonly accepted by most people. The whole point of writing a dissertation is to discuss and research a topic that is nuanced and not accepted by everyone. So, if you have a thesis statement which is generally accepted or is a very vague statement, then you might find it hard to actually find relevant research that you can use in your dissertation. You might have to go through pages and pages of research just so that you find a single thing which is useful to you. This becomes harder with general thesis statements as you might find more research which is relevant, but it will be so much that structuring and formatting it will be quite difficult.

If you have started your dissertation writing but are unsure of what to write in your thesis statement, then you should leave this portion alone and focus on the outline that you have made for your writing. Try to focus on the finer points of your outline that you can write easily. When you finally start writing, you might realise exactly what you need to say in your thesis statement. So do not worry if you are still not able to figure out exactly what to write – Just start writing anything and you will figure it out eventually!

3. Brainstorm your topic!

If you have been having trouble starting your dissertation by writing an effective thesis, then you might be in the middle of a creative writing block. In this situation, it might be useful to go back to the notes that you made when you started conducting your research. You should also consider different forms of note-taking if you think that the regular way is too boring, or does not stimulate you enough creatively. Drawing up a mind map is one of the best ways to creatively take notes and you will not get bored of it like traditional note-taking.

So, remember that these tips are quite general, and they are sure to help you out in any writing situation that you find yourself in. It does not matter if you are writing a dissertation or if you are writing a creative essay, the above 3 tips will surely give you some kind of foundation on which you can build your writing further and deliver a final piece of content that you can be proud of!

But if you find yourself in need of help while dissertation writing, then you can always get in touch with our support agents for TheDissertationWriters. We will make sure to provide you with content that will get you the best grade imaginable.