Objectives of Financial Accounting: Finance Dissertation Help for MBA

A road to an MBA degree may look easy to people but is not as easy as it seems. It requires an interest in the subject with a complete commitment to accomplish the desired task of dissertation writing. The best way to keep yourself on track is to manage the time significantly. It may look easy to sketch a schedule but difficult to follow the same. Time management enables you to train your mind by focusing on academics while taking care of the social activities of life at the same time. It is essential for the students to commit some time accordingly to complete the daily activities of the program. One of the most important and difficult tasks of the MBA program is dissertation writing. A dissertation is considered as a gateway to an MBA degree, without completing the task, no one passes out the program. It is necessary for the students to select the topic as per the selected specialisation of their program.

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Structure of the Financial Accounting Dissertation

The structure of the dissertation is the most basic and confusing process for the students. It is good for the students to understand the complete structure in order to get the desired results of custom writing. There is a specific structure of research and students cannot make changes to structure as it is internationally approved all over the globe. It is advised to the students to follow the structure and to understand each component effectively. This will help students to be proficient throughout the process of research.

If you follow the structure accordingly, it will lead you to maintain the quality of the research. The entire structure of the research is based on the five chapters, the introduction, literature review, methodology, results and findings, conclusion, and future considerations.

What Is Financial Accounting?

Financial accounting includes the process of preparing the financial statements of the organisation which helps to understand the current performance of the firm. This directly helps the stakeholders of the company to make decisions effectively based on the financial statements. The stakeholders can be people from outside the company such as investors, suppliers, creditors, and customers.

What Are Financial Statements?

Financial statements are in the form of records that involves the financial activities and transaction of the organisation. These reports are based on the financial strength and performance of the company which reflects the face of the organisation and includes each business transaction. The financial statements include the statement financial position, income statement, cash flow statement, and statement of changes in equity.

What Are The Objectives Of Financial Accounting?

The prime objective of financial accounting is to achieve the purpose of the organisation and to achieve its short term and long term goals effectively and efficiently. Following are some of the basic objectives of financial accounting, let’s see and discuss them in detail.


The purpose of financial accounting is to record each and every transaction of the business in order to maintain an accurate record for all types of transactions. This helps the management to read view the transaction whenever necessary in order to perform well throughout the decision-making process. The recording is considered as a backbone of financial accounting without which it is impossible to achieve the objectives of accounting.


It is necessary for the or organisation to plan its available resources in order to use them significantly and for the best use of the organisation. One of the best ways of planning is to create different types of budgets as budgeting is considered the major component of financial accounting. This helps the organisation to plan the future along with the available resources and the need of the business.

Decision Making

Finance managers have to take severe decisions throughout various scenarios. Financial accounting helps managers to make the best business decisions for the development of the organisation. These decisions can be the selection of the price for the product or the services or it can be e a decision based on financing or how to approach investors for the business. Decision making one of the most significant and difficult tasks which are entirely based on the financial statements.

Performance Of Firm

Financial accounting helps to check the financial position of the organisation through financial statements. It helps to check the current and previous conditions of the business, such as how much capital was invested at the beginning of the business for how much is utilised up till now?  This further helps to understand the cumulative profit or loss of the business and tells the exact liabilities and assets of the organisation.

Legal Requirement

Financial accounting is considered a legal requirement for every organisation and for every business. Rules and laws for businesses to maintain the right and left a record of the financial transactions for the sake of the stakeholders, such as shareholders, tax authorities, and many others.


It has never been easy for the students to meet the requirements of the finance dissertation. The above-mentioned information about financial accounting can help students to complete their financial accounting dissertation effectively and efficiently.