Complete Guide and Tips for Brainstorming

Every student has to deal with the writing activities provided throughout the semesters. Brainstorming is considered as one of the most necessary parts for academic dissertation writing activities. The specific activity always gives top quality results of writing. In simple words, brainstorming is one of the activities which helps to generate different and maximum ideas for the selected topic while sorting and selecting the best one possible.

Brainstorming can also be described as a process where a designed team have to generate different ideas to solve an issue or a problem. Everyone in the team should actively participate in generating new ideas linking towards the solution of the problem. The objective of brainstorming is to think in a free environment throughout controlled conditions. This process of thinking helps them to find potential solutions by linking different and relevant ideas.

Dissertation writing is one of the most difficult activities that students have to perform at the end of their selected program. This specific type of academic writing demands brainstorming in order to conduct quality research. Students can experience this technique through professional dissertations editing and with work or written papers.

Process of Brainstorming

There are certain basic factors that are necessary for the brainstorming process and facilitates the entire team to generate relevant and extraordinary ideas. Let’s see this basic factors step by step.

Specify A Time Limit

A time limit for a brainstorming session depends on the level of complexity of the problem. Normally, a brainstorming session starts from 10 minutes onwards.

Target A Problem

The first and the basic step of starting a brainstorming session is to target a problem with should defining the questions, objectives, and goals of the problem. It is important to stay on the right track from the very beginning of the session so that no one gets distracted throughout the brainstorming session.

Do Not Judge

It is important for every member of the team to stay positive for the ideas provided by the other team members. It is a strong recommendation for every team member to stay positive through body language and ideas.

Motivate The Freaky Ideas

Do not discourage the weird ideas provided by the team members but provide them with a free environment where they can come out with their ideas without any hesitation. It is important to note that staying relevant to the topic while providing freaky ideas.

Maximize The Collection of Ideas

Always go for the large quantity of the ideas throughout the brainstorming session. A group that produces a lot of ideas have a higher rate of conversion towards quality ideas as compared to the groups who produce a low amount of Ideas throughout the session.

Help to Build the Ideas

Instead of demotivating the ideas of a team member, try to build on the ideas by supporting them with your thoughts so that the entire team can effectively reach to the problem effectively and efficiently.

Try to Visualise Your Idea

I always recommend everyone to visualise the ideas throughout the brainstorming session by using the diagrams. This always helps to give life to your ideas and to demonstrate the relevancy effectively.

Stay Ethical

There are certain norms of having a brainstorming session. Every professional session takes care of these norms, such as one person talking at a time. This helps to show respect to the person and the ideas of that person at the same time.

A Pen Pusher

It is important throughout a brainstorming session that someone must display the ideas of every team member on one platform. By writing down your ideas on a board you can easily link the ideas into each other and reach towards the problem and the solution significantly.

Purpose of brainstorming

The basic purpose of brainstorming is to die by the ideas gathered throughout the brainstorming process. this collective synergy helps to collectively think of the potential solution for the problem. The entire process of brainstorming is challenging because of the flame wireman provided to the team members. There can be different types of personalities throughout the session, such as introverts who feel shy to participate throughout the session while the extroverts entirely dominate the complete session. It is the duty of the leader of the session to provide a focused environment for all types of personalities so that everyone can actively and equally contribute the session through their thoughts and ideas.

It is important to make everyone involved in the session. A leader of the session can do this by performing a warm-up activity before starting a brainstorming session. For example, giving a freaky topic to the group members so that everyone can get relaxed by blurting out their ideas without any hesitation. 

There is a risk throughout the brainstorming session that a team member of the entire team turns out to off track by giving irrelevant and unnecessary ideas. It is important for every participant to stay relevant to the problem throughout the brainstorming process.


Brainstorming help students to develop a certain set of skills that are required throughout the academic life if and highly demanded in professional life is well. Students are recommended to perform brainstorming exercises before performing every academic activity regardless or level.