What are some common mistakes to avoid in dissertation writing?

Whether you are trying to complete your Ph.D. or any other doctorate degree, at the end of your academic journey lies the seemingly unbelievable task of dissertation writing to finally get your hands on your degree. It may seem as though this task is something which is extremely difficult, which is why students are more than inclined to make some sort of mistake.

The grueling academic journey of writing your dissertation can come with a lot of possible mistakes and issues. These include things like formatting mistakes and grammatical errors which can leave a sour impression on the person who is reading your dissertation. In this blog post, we will tell you about some of the errors and mistakes that are quite common in dissertation writing but are also quite avoidable and what you can do to prevent these mistakes.

So what are some of the common mistakes that we have been harping on about? Read on to find out!

A boring topic!

This might seem like a very basic thing that you might think most people have thought about. But thinking about a proper topic which is interesting to your professors might not be the best course of action.

You need to think about yourself and whether you think you are willing and motivated enough to write almost 10,000 words on a subject somebody else has picked for you. If you pick the topic yourself, you will probably be so much more motivated to actually start your dissertation writing and finish it with fewer issues.

Starting too late!

A dissertation is not just a single assignment that you need to finish to get your doctorate degree. It is a comprehensive and difficult journey that you embark on at the start of your last year in university, and it requires great lengths of time for preparation and research. If you do not appreciate the gravity of the situation of dissertation writing, then you might find yourself taking its low and starting too late.

This can give you much less time to conduct adequate research and to give a detailed analysis of everything that you need to.

Your work is littered with errors!

A major mistake that some students never seem to understand is that they pick a particular format to follow, but because of the density of dissertation writing, they often forget that they are following a format already and change it midway.

Now they are following a whole other format, which is different from the format they used in their introduction. This can cause great issues for the person who is reading your dissertation as they would find themselves confused about the contents of your dissertation. Be careful that you stick to just one style of formatting.

The same idea can apply to the style of citations that you pick. There are numerous citations styles such as APA, Harvard, Chicago and many more. But it is important that you keep in mind the guidelines that your professor has provided you with. Memorise the instructions of your dissertation so that foolish mistakes like the ones mentioned above never cross your path.

You should also take care that you do not make grammatical errors when you are writing your dissertation. These grammatical errors do not leave a good impression on your professors and team of supervisors. Try to read through what you have already written on a daily or weekly basis, and if you cannot find anything wrong, then give it to a trusted source for proofreading.

More often than not, we are blinded by our own mistakes and cannot see past them. This is where your fellow peers and firms like The Dissertation Writers can come in handy.

Plagiarism is rampant in your work!

Plagiarism is something which is highly looked down upon in the academic writing community. Whether it is a university professor or a professional writer at The Dissertation Writers, plagiarism is always frowned upon.

If you find that you have made use of some sources in your dissertation writing that have not been credited in some way or the other, then you must make sure you fix this issue before submitting your work for final review.

In most cases, plagiarism in your dissertation will result in marks being cut from your final grade, but in serious cases, it can even lead to suspension or expulsion, which means your doctorate degree is further away than ever.

All of the above mistakes have the ability to inhibit your growth as a writer and can cause you major problems if you let them persist. If you need an online reliable dissertation writing service which employs writers who are free of all of these issues, then get in touch with The Dissertation Writers on our Facebook page or our website.