Importance of Instructor’s Feedback Throughout Writing a Dissertation

There are various experiences for the student’s feedback throughout their academic life when they have to face the pressure of different academic activities and social life at the same time. I have seen many students leaving a specific course, just because of the pressure of academic activities. It is difficult for the students to manage all of them at the same time, as there is not a single subject that they have to face, but they have to deal with a lot of subjects and the feedback throughout, for which they have to meet the requirements and standards along with the specific time limit of submission.

Dissertation writing is one of the most difficult activities that students have ever faced from the beginning of their education. One of the logical reasons for conducting research at the end of the program is that students can use their entire knowledge that they had gathered throughout the program. This helps to check the understanding of the students about the subject. However, it is a complex process and requires a lot of hard work and commitment to meet the requirements and the international standards of custom dissertation writing in accounting.

One of the basic thing that students stuck between is the understanding of the requirements and the standards. If you think that you cannot understand the requirements make sure that you get the complete services of online dissertation writers UK so that you can complete and submit the dissertation before the given deadline.

Importance of Instructor’s Feedback Throughout the Dissertation

Dissertation writing demands a huge amount of words that should be relevant, reliable, and authentic. These factors help to enhance and maintain the quality of the dissertation. But it is not easy for the students to and end the dissertation. Many of the students start writing a dissertation without any consent or help of the professionals and complete the same by their own. The efforts of the students are highly appreciated but then need to make sure on each and every step that they are following the right track as writing a dissertation is a lengthy process and students can lose their track throughout the writing. Let’s see and discuss some of the basic points that can prove the significance of the instructor’s feedback throughout writing a dissertation.

The main advantage of providing the feedback is to motivate the students in what they are doing and to correct them if they are following the wrong direction throughout the activity. Similarly, it happens with dissertation writing. It starts from the very first step when students try to make a topic for the dissertation. while selecting a topic for dissertation, students try to select the most difficult and eye-catching topic and think that it would be attractive to the readers. However, it is not in every case. I would suggest students select a relevant and reliable topic instead of the difficult and eye-catching topic of the dissertation. 

Selecting the wrong or irrelevant topic can disturb students throughout the process of writing. Here, students are recommended to first get feedback from the instructor about the selected topic before writing anything about the dissertation. If your instructor approves the topic, then you can move forward towards the other step. Just imagine that you have completed half of your dissertation and you came to know that the topic you had selected was not up to the mark.

  • Feedback is not only necessary for the students but is good for the instructors as well.  providing time to time feedback about the dissertation helps the teachers to avoid the unnecessary revisions of the students. Other than that, prompt feedback allows students to make changes accordingly.
  • The right feedback enables the students to understand their goal of dissertation writing. There is a specific purpose of every academic writing activity and students can prosper throughout the writing if they first understand the objective of writing. It is a task of an instructor to explain the learning objectives and expectations of the writing along with the restrictions and limitations.
  • It further helps students to make good progress, as it clarifies the concepts and understanding of the students about the right direction that they have to follow throughout writing a dissertation.
  • Feedback reveals different strategies and techniques to the students that are helpful and highly recommended throughout academic and professional life. It raises many logical and new questions among the students and encourages them to be more proficient and efficient.
  • There are different levels of feedback which includes the task, the process of the task, keeping an eye on learning of the students, and the self-level. These four stages of feedback allow students to be effective and to meet the standards of custom dissertation writing effectively and efficiently.


Students are advised to take continuous feedback throughout writing a dissertation regardless of any nature. It would help you to be effective throughout the process and to meet the requirements and the standards significantly. Don’t shy to ask for the professional dissertation help as it is good to ask for the help instead of following the wrong track throughout the writing.