How to Shape a Business Dissertation?

A dissertation refers to sort of a document paper in an academic degree that is used to describe the research work one’s particular topic. If we talk about business management then it allows people to achieve their targeted aims and purposes of a business. It involves forming, shaping, planning, handling and managing a business in order to fulfill the measurable goals. If students want to know about business developments then you must have the knowledge and understanding of business management grade. As it gives you specific information about the subject like accounting, finance, customers, IT and policy of the business.

Moreover, business management is an organisation that helps you to achieve targeted goals. It covers policy, planning and leading an organisation to get success and fulfill all aims of the business. If it seems to feel difficult then you can also take guidance from an online business management dissertation because it can provide you the best path to cover all your weaknesses regarding business management.

Keep in mind that not all field dissertations are the same. The subject plays a key role here that depends on the type of research topic. In order to give a structure to your business dissertation then the below points are important.

Title Page

The use of the title page is just to give details of your name, date, grade, topic and mainly the name of the professor. Sometimes, it also includes the university logo if there is a strict requirement. Moreover, your business dissertation topic should be bold and clear.


It is often used as optionally and provides an area for you in order to give thanks to everyone. Appreciation is important for those who helped and guided you in completing your dissertation. It may involve advisors, members in your group, and obviously your family who gives support to you.


It consists of a short description of your business management dissertation topic. It consists of about 150 to 300 words. It should be written in the end so that you can have a clear idea about how to describe your dissertation. Remember the points that:

  • Explain the main title of your research
  • Methods to use
  • Outcomes
  • Conclusions 


The introduction includes your dissertation topic, reason and must develop the interest of the reader to read your dissertation. It must summarize the main points of the research topic. It covers all the problems that are discussed, the aim of the research and explains the methods used. It represents the structure of your business management dissertation. Introduction builds up the topic of your dissertation, reason and also application. It highlights the main points of your dissertation that gives a sign to the reader that what to suppose next. It must:

  • Build up your dissertation topic and explain the related details.
  • Discuss the future of your dissertation topic.
  • Highlight the objectives and purpose
  • Give a short summary of your dissertation topic.

The introduction is very important to gain the interest and attention of the reader. It must be simple, attractive and definitely related to your particular study and research. All the things must be clear to the reader and instead, if you need any type of guidance then an online business dissertation is present for you to help you in any way.

Literature Review

Literature review refers to the earlier published material on any topic of research. The main reason for the review on the related topic is to point out the strong points and limitations of the research meanwhile give the ideas and theory for the dissertation. In order to make a literature review following points must be considered:

  • Focus on the related concepts.
  • Find the key terms by breaking up the topic of your research dissertation.
  • Study the current research
  • End with the queries that will solve further in the research.

The literature review represents a brief knowledge of the research that already presents on your research topic. This involves:

  • Looking for the most related information on your research topic.
  • Examine every source.
  • Build connections to make your own whole points.

In the literature review, you not only give reviews on the already existing theories but create opinions and make the shape that results in a strong basis of your dissertation research. It must shows:

  • Reason for your research and solution
  • Make strong connections with your current research topic with the help of existing knowledge.
  • Makes a new abstract on your research


This part of the dissertation gives you a clear idea of how your research was done. This chapter must involve:

  • The whole method of your research.
  • Process of how you gather your data
  • Details of how and when the research happened.
  • Tools you utilize

Methodology should involve what and when you did on your research. It shows the reader the appropriate process to answer all the questions of your research. 


The result must involve the findings of your dissertation topic in an effective way. It should refer to the outcome of your research topic that you overall concluded from the data. To make this section more attractive and clear you can use tables, graphs, diagrams, and charts. You can add anything in order to make it more presentable. This also includes written information as to make more describable.


The reasons for your results are included in this part of the heading. Firstly, you have to give the details and reasons for your obtain result and secondly support this with the help of existing knowledge of research which means literature review plays the main role here. Thirdly, you can also discuss the future findings of your research. It basically explains the meaning and sense of your results.


This part of a heading provides you with the whole summary of your research, it also represents your concluding comments and decisions. The concluding comments mean you have to give recommendations for improvement in the future about a research topic. It consists of a short section that comes after discussion.


This includes all details of your written sources that have cited in a column of reference. It is necessary to cite in a formal style according to your university requirements.


Information or details that you won’t use in the main section of your dissertation, must be written in this section.

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