Some Educational Issues in the UK and How To Cater To Them

When it comes to human civilization, education holds immense importance. It is a vital source to let humans know how to talk, sit, work, and live life in a considerate manner. It has developed the most ancient creatures into the most powerful ones. Humans have discovered and conquered impossible things such as mountains, oceans, and seas.

These things have changed the way humans live. If we go back a few decades back, education was not at all the way it is now. A lot has changed in these years due to advancements in technology and science. You have a hold over everything within the distance of a few clicks.

But what education has to do with all of this? Well, education has gone through immense change, today if you find difficulty in writing massive assignments like dissertations, you get a chance to get the help of law dissertation writers. But there is more to it. Let’s explore it further in the article.

Education and the Present Time

As we have discussed previously, education has developed immensely in the past years.  Most of you are well aware of why and how technology has left no leaf no stone unturned when it comes to making human life easier and better. Everything related to education has a different self now, thanks to technology and its advancements. The role of digital technology is unchangeable as it is now everywhere in our educational system. It has developed education to a greater extent whether we talk about its approach or methodology.

The leading countries around the globe, like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and China have adopted the digital system as their aim is to make the students’ life more convenient. However, nobody can deny the fact that digital technology has its own backlashes. Why?

The answer to this “why” is that today’s educational system has issues. Not just in the small countries in the world but also in the leading countries like the United Kingdom. It is highly important to get a check of these issues and try to resolve them to secure the future of coming generations.

How These Issues are Affecting Every Student?

Although it seems like the educational system has changed for good, these changes have their own pros and cons. In this article, we will discuss the major issues the British educational system is facing.

Current Educational Issues in the UK

The educational system of the United Kingdom has gotten affected in recent times. In the near past, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, education is not at all like the way it was before. Students from all around the world were restricted from taking physical classes. And all of them have shifted towards online education to reduce human contact which was immensely dangerous at that time.

Where online education has provided ease to students, there are certain problems too that occurred. Let’s review them real quick.


This issue is not directly affecting students but is undoubtedly among the major issues. Yes, we are talking about marking and assessment – it is the biggest issue faced by teaching staff. Assessments are an essential element of education and without them, you cannot identify who is performing better and who is not throughout the learning process.

You cannot expect a fair work process if you do not have a grading system. The online education system has affected the grading system the most. There is no practical way to identify which students have scored good grades in a justifiable manner and which student has not because exams are taken online, the assessment and marking are online, and online means there is a sheer possibility and convenience of cheating.

Although there are various things teachers are using to ensure grading is performed in a justifiable manner. These things include virtual security, IP tracking, and video monitoring. But still, they can never fully know that either student is doing a fair job or using cheap dissertation writing services to complete the assignments.


Another major issue is nothing but curriculum and its planning because teachers are new to the online world and so are the students. The curriculum that teachers are used to is of physical education and is of no use now.

It is hard to teach students everything with the help of computer screens. Why? Because there are certain topics that need proper illustrations and detailed explanations. These two things are impossible with interruption of the internet, laptop issues, and other difficulties students and teachers are facing these days.

Teachers find it difficult to communicate with the students in a way that is convenient and beneficial. And it is all due to the fact that online software cannot do everything. There are many students who are just giving exams for the sake of passing and are not learning anything.

All this can turn into devastating results for the coming generations. The professionals in the market from a few years from now will surely have degrees but don’t know anything about what they have learned.


Another highlighted issue is the well-being of teaching staff. Most of the old age staff is not comfortable with this new change and feel like starting again from scratch. They are working day in and night out to become capable enough to teach students accordingly.

The teaching staff is under the pressure of everyone, be it the management of educational institutions, parents, or students themselves. And all of it is affecting their health and well-being.

According to the studies, the stress level among the teaching faculty has increased enormously in the past two years due to the pandemic. Hence, this problem needs to be addressed and solved.


Teachers are not the only ones who get affected by the pandemic or online learning. Students are also the victims of this new educational system. They are also facing hardships while trying to get used to the new learning environment. As there is no physical interaction, students feel burdened with quizzes, assignments, and recorded lectures. The feeling of burden makes it hard for them to cope with all of it.

The continuous work, problems while studying, criticism of parents and teachers is putting a bad impact on students’ mental health. It makes students feel depressed and isolated. They are not able to communicate their issues and confusions to the teachers due to the online system. Most students find it difficult to keep themselves focused in recorded lectures. It is directly impacting their mental health.

It is worst to see a great number of students being affected by this issue. It is essential to carry out some solution as a cure for it.


There are many courses that require students to carry out extensive research. Students need to do it, especially if they are enrolled in a higher education program. Nevertheless, carrying out research in a pandemic situation is quite a tough task for most students. Because unnecessary movement is not allowed in COVID-19  and even if students get out for research purposes, there are no people available for the collection of data. Students are facing problems in research all over the united kingdom.


Although we have discussed it previously, students and teachers both have faced the issue of communication. Communication is the key element when it comes to teaching or learning something. Moreover, it is the only source through which students and teachers interact. Hence, education has had a negative impact.

Healthy communication is a healthy thing to keep when it comes to education. No one can learn their whole life by using the recorded material. For an effective learning process, students are required to communicate to the teachers where they find confusion or difficulty.

Teachers are also coming across the same issue, they can teach students extra things and techniques and share knowledge. This is another issue due to pandemics and requires attention as well as a solution.


This is another major issue that is hard to resolve. Technical issues are all around the students of the United Kingdom. According to the research, more than 40 percent of the students lack a good internet connection. The same goes for the teachers as well as they also do not have robust internet service. This is a serious problem both teachers and students face alike.

A lacking internet results in distortion between classes and makes them less efficient and productive.

What is the Solution for All This?

There is an immense need to address these educational problems and how to solve them. Until now, since the variant named omicron is there, we cannot tell how long it will take for education to go back to normal. Digital education is a relief no matter how but it has kept the education going. If we manage to solve the previously mentioned issues, we can provide our coming generation with quality education.

What do students think about learning from home?

When it comes to online education or online learning, students have mixed reviews. While they are happy that they no longer need to leave the bed early in the morning, there are certain issues that give them a hard time. For instance, they come across the following issues:

Lack of understanding

Unclear basic concepts

Reduced focus due to online classes

Missed classes due to internet interruption

Communication issues

Tons of assignments as there is no other evaluation method left.

What possibly can be the solution for online educational issues?

According to the specialists, it is hard to tell what will be the end of the pandemic and online education. Although there could be certain efforts to make everything better to at least some extent. The following points can help in improving the online education system.

Provision of stable internet connection

Counseling of students to make them attain online in a better manner

Proper gadgets to take online classes

Providing students with a proper online teaching structure

Developing an effective way of assessment of grades

Encouraging students and teachers to communicate as it is important

Is online education ever going to end?

Well, due to COVID-19, pandemic, and lockdown situations, we have discovered an effective way of learning. Although online learning was a thing for a long time, its effectiveness was only discovered after the pandemic. According to the research, educational institutions are not going to bid farewell to online education as there are a good number of students who are in favor of online education. Especially students who are pursuing education along with professional responsibilities.

What are the benefits of online education?

While we focus more on discussing the flaws, problems, and issues that come with online education, there are certain benefits of online education as well:

A relaxed self-paced learning opportunity

Opportunity to manage time in a better way

Enhanced self-motivation

Improvement of Communication and Virtual Collaboration

Encountering a global, broader perspective

Critical thinking that is well polished

Opportunity to learn new technical skills

The opportunity of creating your own customized learning environment

Opportunity to learn and utilize online resources

You get to spend lesser money on education and commute

You will be able to select more subjects at once

Sense of responsibility will be developed