Why is dissertation writing a chore?

A dissertation is regarded as one of the toughest academic research papers that demonstrate the ability of a student to carry out effective, independent research. After the student has gained experience and knowledge by attending classroom discussions about the practice of collecting data and applying this data for real-life situations, it is now time for them to apply these concepts for practical dissertation writing. This is why most types of dissertation writing can be considered a chore, as there are many sections which need your utmost attention, and neglecting even one of these can be disastrous for your grade. The sections of a dissertation include the introduction, the literature review, research methodology, conclusions, and recommendations. Each of these sections has individual requirements which make this type of writing a chore.

Writing a decent thesis statement!

A thesis statement is the part of your dissertation which is the most critical if you want to start off strong. A thesis statement will define what your dissertation is based on and define a very loose structure for your readers to follow in order to understand exactly what you will write about. But the issue with writing a decent thesis statement is that it must be versatile, in the sense that it should be able to encourage your reader to disagree with what you are saying. For a thesis statement like this, it is important to be specific in your claims. This will make it easier for you as well as it makes your arguments much more specific and focused around your argument. General thesis statements are quite difficult to create arguments for as there will be so many more points to cover, and your research will become much more difficult as you will not know what to search for.

Finding research which is relevant!

As we mentioned above, it is extremely important to have a thesis statement which is specific and not broad. This is where the issue of finding relevant research becomes much more important. If your thesis statement and research objectives are much broader in nature, it will become much more difficult for you to find research which you can effectively analyse. Conducting research through interviews, questionnaires, and surveys will become much more difficult as well since you will have no specific questions to ask from your participants. However, if you have a specific thesis question and research objectives, then it will be easier for you to find relevant research from papers which are 20 to 30 pages long as you will have some keywords to search for.

However, it can be just as difficult to find relevant research when you have a specific thesis statement as you still need to go through a lot of articles. Most of these articles might not be relevant for your research except a small snippet which has useful information. This information later needs to be extracted and used effectively to prove a point in your research.

What kind of data do you need?

The third reason that the majority of students think that dissertation writing is a chore is that they do not know what kind of information is the most pertinent. These students need relevant data that will help support their arguments effectively. For this purpose, there exists two types of data that can be used; primary data and secondary data. Primary data is the type of data that is gathered by the student who has the capacity of a researcher. It is data which you have gathered yourself for the specific purpose of your dissertation topic. Secondary data is data from all other sources that existed before you started researching. This includes scientific journals, collections of scholarly articles and past dissertations. You need to have a balanced combination of both of these types of data to support your arguments. If you are an ambitious student and you want to incorporate primary data into your dissertation then make sure that you give yourself enough time to structure interview questions and conduct focus groups as these are the backbone of your research.

Time flies by!

Dissertation writing is the kind of work which takes many months to be completed properly. Most students have at least a year for their thesis projects and it is pretty much the same for dissertations. Many students try to take advantage of this long-time schedule by putting off their work with the thought that there will be more than enough time to completely write their dissertation and edit it accordingly. But the real task of writing a dissertation starts in the time before your final year even begins as this time is crucial for figuring out exactly what you want to write about and how you want to go about it. You need to start this process early as your research proposal must be submitted to your professors or supervisors, who will undoubtedly tell you to edit it and make it better.

When you finally start writing your dissertation for real, you will find that managing your time is a much more important task than actually writing anything. you can get the best dissertation help online at any time with 100% satisfaction.