Discussion, Results and Findings of the Dissertation

Dissertation writing consists of many components. Each component requires detail and has its own significance in the dissertation. The detailed writing of the dissertation makes it more difficult in nature. This is the reason that students find it more difficult to fulfill each requirement of the dissertation. However, online professional dissertation help can assist you to meet the standards of custom dissertation writing. It is very helpful for the students to get an understanding of the entire professional dissertation writing. Once you get to know the understand of requirements you can easily produce whatever you need to write.

Like every other component, discussion, results, and findings is an important part of the dissertation writing. They have their own objectives and the purpose throughout the writing process. These two sections of the dissertation are the most rewarding ones. These sections explain the entire meaning of your writing and tell what exactly you think of the topic and the subject.

Meanwhile, in a discussion section of the dissertation, you have to give logical reasoning based on the previous research that support your topic. This allows you to play your part and provide a contribution in the respective field of your academics and the knowledge of the relevant subject. There are several ways to write the discussion, results and findings of your dissertation. While writing a short dissertation, it usually comprises a single section which includes both. However, in a long and detailed dissertation, these sections are must be separated.

How to Write the Results and Findings in The Dissertation?

Before you even think of writing the findings, it is important and implied to analyse the findings so that you can clear your mind as to what exactly to write. These findings are based on the data that is used to run on statistical software that gives us the results and findings. I know, these things are obvious, but I have seen students getting confused about writing the finding of the dissertation. So, make sure that you have already done the required part before moving on to write the findings. If you haven’t done the required part before writing the findings, the entire writing will be confused and unorganized.

One of the major and basic issues I have found among students about writing the findings is that at the end of the dissertation they collect a big amount of data, and obviously, they cannot include each and every data in the findings. However, they have to make a smart decision as to which data to include in the finding section for the readers and which one to exclude.

I would strongly recommend students to make an outline of writing the findings. Throughout this outline, you need to make sure of the fulfillment of the following points.

  • It is important to provide the answers to the research questions that you have provided at the beginning of the dissertation
  • You must mention some of the findings that you think that can be declared as a contribution from your side in the specific field of academics.

The outline makes things easier for you. I know that deciding what data should be included and which one should be excluded in the findings section of the dissertation. But you have to make the decisions based on the relevant knowledge. If you have thoroughly searched for the relevant knowledge than you will be able to make decisions effectively and efficiently.

How to Write a Discussion Section for The Dissertation?

It doesn’t matter that for what level you are writing a discussion section, it is the most important part of the dissertation. It clearly defines the level of understanding of the subject and the topic. This section of the dissertation clearly defines the contribution from your side in the relevant field of the study. The discussion section is a detailed part of the dissertation. The structure of the dissertation matters the most. If you have structured your finding in a good manner, it will be easier for you to write an effective discussion. Organised writing will help you to continue the rest of the dissertation effectively.

It is clearly defined to structure discussion according to the research question mentioned in your dissertation. The first chapter of the dissertation, The Introduction, is the most important part of the discussion section. Here the readers will involve themselves in reading the interpretations. A conclusion of the entire discussion section is very beneficial for the readers. Discussion puts a base for the upcoming chapter of Analysis. At the end of the discussion, it completes using the key terms that will be going to support the next chapter.

Make sure to keep these points and considerations in your mind for the best possible results of writing the discussion, results and findings of your dissertation.


Discussion, results and findings are the core of your dissertation. They explain the entire effort that you have done throughout writing your dissertation. Make sure that you complete the rest of the procedures of the dissertation as per the standards, as they will help you to automatically complete writing your discussion and findings effectively.