Barriers While Doing an Internship and Research Simultaneously

Performing various tasks at the same time has never been easier for students. Multitasking is a kind of challenge for the students and this is what they have exactly learned throughout academic life. Certain experiences help students to develop their multitasking skills. Dissertation writing is a requirement for the students at the end of the program which is based on the selected and specific specialization that students themselves had selected at the beginning of the program. All students must complete writing their dissertations in order to pass out the desired degree. Without submitting a dissertation, no student can pass out the program. It has never been easier for the students to understand the specifications of the entire process of conducting research. Best dissertation writers can help out students to understand each procedure and concept which is a must for the selected topic and the entire process of dissertation writing.

At the end of the program, most students start their internships or part-time jobs to enhance their capabilities and practice their skills for better opportunities. This creates a hectic schedule for the students as they have to perform various activities at their job and to write a thesis at the end of the selected program. To complete the dissertation writing for the provided deadline, it is important for the students to start working from the very first day of the task. However, many professional academic writing firms are providing online dissertation writing services for students to provide the right and the required understanding of the procedures. It helps students to complete their dissertation as per the standards and the required formats while maintaining the quality of the dissertation at the same time.

Let us discuss some of the barriers that students have to face while doing their internship and research at the same time.

Deficiency of Sleep

A dissertation is a descriptive style of writing which requires more than 8 to 10 thousand words. The number of words is entirely dependent on the nature of the thesis and guidelines provided by the teachers. To complete this huge amount of words students, have to commit a lot of time. After job timings, it is difficult for the students to manage the time for the dissertation writing as they have to finish many other activities at their workplace. This creates a sleepless schedule for the students. Lack of sleep creates mental and physical issues for the students as they cannot schedule their sleep effectively. This is one of the reasons that students doing a part-time job or an internship cannot find time to complete their research.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are common among students. It is OK for the students who are working and supporting their academic at the same time as it is just a matter of time. Performing various activities at the same time always create stress and anxiety for students. Students have to complete the dissertation along with their jobs and social activities. One of the worst effects of stress and anxiety is that it lowers the quality of the dissertation as students cannot manage to give their 100% throughout their research.

Unsatisfactory Performance

It is difficult for the students to show their priorities into the job along with the dissertation writing. Dissertation writing requires having a good amount of knowledge about the selected topic of the dissertation and to have the required knowledge, students have to spend hours and hours looking for relevant and reliable information through various authentic sources of information. Deficiency of sleep along with stress and anxiety restraints the students to give a satisfactory performance throughout the process of dissertation writing. The students need to give a full amount of concentration for the desired results. Professional dissertation help can also be of great significance for the students. This can help students to get the right knowledge through the authentic sources of information.

Social Activities

It is much difficult for students to manage their academic, professional, and social activities at the same time. There are many times where students have to miss out on their certain family, social programs, or gathering with friends. Dissertation writing takes all the time of the students and when the internship is added there is no more time left for the students to perform any kind of social activity. Without any social interaction, the stress and anxiety of the students increase accordingly as they cannot even give time to themselves and their family members.


For every academic writing activity, students are provided with specific time limits during which they have to complete and submit their activities. A delay in submission can result in the rejection of the dissertation or students can be charged an extra fee as a penalty. It is much difficult for the students to meet deadlines especially when they are doing jobs along with academics. They not only have to meet the deadlines of academics but also for job activities. However, students can find many expert dissertation writers who can provide prompt services so that students can meet their deadlines as per the requirements.