Why admission in medical college became so hard

Admission in UK medical college become so difficult because over the past years the ration of admission application has been increased by 25%. The new best medical colleges only accept 3 to 4 % application people wonder that why is become so hard to get into medical college.

Increase in number of Applications

The UK Association of Medical colleges discloses the report that they had more than 10000 application for seeking admission in a medical college in the UK. They estimate there are 25 % applications increase over the 10 years and students become confused to reject by medical colleges. They can’t understand that what’s wrong and what they need to do differently when they reapply. This rejection increases the shortage of doctors in the UK so it creates a mess up the situation in the UK.

How would new Medical Schools solve the shortage of doctors in the UK?

According to research,the doctor labor force predicts that the shortage of doctors may increase 42600 to 121300 in 2030, the medical colleges of UK have expanded the class sizes and enrollments. A health care provider start hiring company based in Texas the shortage of doctors this shortage not only because of medical college it has also another reason that there are large numbers of doctors are near to retirement age and the researcher said that present-day doctors are more eager to find the life in their work more than their previous eras precursors and many doctors are unwilling to put their extra efforts due to their age.

Will getting admission into medical college is always be difficult like this?

Researchers said that the medical colleges deliberately have a demanding test process that is especially designed for the admission to certify that each student is capable to take admission by passing tough medical courses and continuing demanding clinical training. The colleges said no matter how many candidates are competing for admission in medical college, but colleges only admit the brightest students. The medical colleges require the MCAT test which is based on multiple questions, interviews but this difficulty exists for many reasons, the first reason is to add the best candidates in their pool, it can be difficult to differentiate the applicants on GPA or MCAT scores and the second reason is to be penetrating to certify that those who are going through the steps are willing to sustain the trails and difficult in the practice of medicine.

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